Blinkist Review – Best App to Get Some Quick Personal Development & Reading?

Blinkist… OMG. What Can I say? I friggin am in love with this APP! You can start using it for free, which is awesome.

So, let’s get into it a bit. This app is basically where you can take all of the books that you have been meaning to read and hear them in around 10 minutes because they break them into “blinks”.

How I use it is to find books that I am really going to love. I listen to the blinks before I buy a book.  While it doesn’t have ALL of the books you will find on amazon, you will find most of them.

Here is what the library looks like. You can easily search for different books and there are ways to filter and find exactly what you want. Pretty cool stuff.

If you want to read it by yourself then there is that option. Boom!

For those of you that might be more like my husband, there is also the audio option!

It’s a super simple app and you can start using it for free so why not check it out?

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Author: Jessica Vine

Jessica Lauren Vine is a wife to Joe, mom of 4 boys and marketer. She works in the affiliate marketing and network marketing fields. She loves to blog about these topics as well as personal development topics.

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