Being Humble – What It Is, Isn’t and Why It Is Important

be humble photoI have to admit that the subject of being humble has been more than a little touchy on my end. This is mainly because a lot of the time when I was a kid many people that I knew and looked up to made me think that being humble was WOE IS ME! I am a worm. The more that I think of myself as a despicable person the better my life is supposed to be. Well I didn’t buy that one bit.

Later I heard someone else that had a much better life (to my standards) than the person who had been teaching about that worm business. They were talking about being confident and being sure about your abilities. I had learned that confidence was pride and we all know that pride goes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. This just wasn’t lining up in my mind since the person who was “humble” to their own standards was living a pretty miserable existence in my eyes and the confident person was very happy, doing well and impacting lives.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out one of them has to be wrong in their teaching OR I had totally misunderstood what they meant OR there had been multiple misunderstanding between various people. What a mess!

Another thing I had learned as a child was that you know if the tree is good by its fruit. What is their life producing? If you do what that person does you’re going to get the same fruit etc.  I started watching the fruit that was being produced and I found out that not only had I taken a few of the things the original teacher had taught about humility and made it even worse than it was but they had seemingly misinterpreted the Bible they were reading out of as well.

[info]Did you know that being humble does not mean you have to act like you’re a worm?[/info]

The definition of humble is as follows:  modesty or respectfulness: the quality of being modest or respectful

Ok. Modest means you don’t show skin right? Hmmm how does that fit in there? No, it wasn’t talking about not showing skin.

The definition of modesty is as follows: unwillingness to draw attention to your own achievements or abilities

Now I was really confused. I’m supposed to be confident (which I thought was prideful) but I’m not supposed to be drawing attention to myself? *sigh*

Good news… I actually looked up the definition of confidence. lol

The definition of confidence is as follows:  belief in own abilities: self assurance or a belief in your ability to succeed

There is nothing prideful about this at all. How in the world did pride and confidence get mixed up? Who knows but once I got this into my mind there was no turning back. I began to move forward with confidence AND with humility and things started working out so much better.

Whenever we are humble and know that we are not different than anyone except for the fact that we made a choice then we will not ostracize ourselves from those that have not made it to this part of the process yet. While we may not take close association with those people we have compassion and mercy. Instead of pointing fingers, getting mad at people and judging let’s remember to be humble and confident in the decision to move forward and live better lives.

What have you believed on humility? Do you have any thoughts to share on the subject? We are always learning and growing and I always welcome other viewpoints.

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Reflecting on Family

Ok… one thing everyone should know is that everyone has a few “weird” people in their family. You know I’m right… right?

Many times we shake our head at those people and just throw them to the side. Sometimes we tolerate them, but secretly wish they would get a brainwash and start acting “normal”.

One thing I have to say is that despite who in my family is a little odd (and sometimes it is me!) we all really love each other and understand the importance of sticking together. We all understand the importance of learning and being able to kiss and make up.

To all of my family members both close and extended family – I LOVE YOU. You may not understand everything I am doing right now… or EVER, but I want you to know that I love you and think of you often.

I have learned that keeping my core family together is most important. My husband and my kids have to be put before extended family. If we allow outside influences to come in and upset our home, that is a recipe for defeat and a horrible family life. While other people may mean well, we have to keep our families together and when our kids go away, we have to allow them to do the same thing.


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My Lovely Marriage

The first thing I want to post on my new blog portion of this site is about my partner in life. This man has been through so much with me and he still treat me like a princess. He is an amazing father. He can make anyone laugh, even when they are feeling down. He always helps keep me going in the right direction and going full steam ahead. He has also served in the military and received many awards… HONEY… I LOVE YOU!

I remember the first time that I saw my sweetheart. I was working as a waitress and he was there on his 19th birthday. He didn’t even want to be there, but he ended up telling his uncle that he was going to date me… even before he met me. Talk about confident, right? 😉

He was RIGHT. We started dating 2 weeks later, moved in together 2 weeks after that and 3 months later we were married. Since then we’ve had 2 boys totaling 3 bouncing boys that we get the honor and privileged to raise and teach to be men of integrity.

Our lives only continue to get better and better. I am so glad that we are life partners!

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