The Art of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

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Did you ever wonder why we have two ears and one mouth? That was a hint from our creator to tell us to listen more than we talk. Many times having too much to say will do nothing except for cause us more problems. This is why it is so important to choose our words.

Do We Always Have to Be Right?

I remember when I always had to be right. Don’t worry… I’m not in denial. I still have that feeling sometimes when I want to scream at someone and tell them they are totally wrong and I’m right. What I did learn however is that I’m NOT always right and it feels worse to open my mouth, argue and be wrong than just to keep it shut on unimportant topics.

Sometimes even when we are right it can cost us because we fight to be right. There are many relationships that end up in flames due to the simple fact that people will not agree to disagree or just let things going. In the generation of googling we ALWAYS think we have our proof right at our fingertips.  Everything we read on the internet is true though, right?

Keeping our mouths shut is truly an art and we should learn how to do it more effectively. It can save relationships and even jobs depending on the case.

3 Top Tips to Keeping Our Traps Shut

  1. Ask yourself if what you are going to say will make your life better or worse in the long run. If the answer is worse… unless you really just dislike yourself that should be an easy enough way to have you keep quiet.
  2. Consider that they may not have meant it the way you took it and just let it slide.
  3. The infamous count to 10 method… it still works!

So before we blow a gasket or offer advice which was not asked for let’s practice the art of keeping our mouths shut.

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It Is the Season to Be Thankful

These days are a great time to remind us to be thankful. Let’s not just be thankful on these few days that are to follow. Developing a habit of thankfulness will increase our quality of life and the quality of life of those around us.

Having a journal that we write down things which are thankful for will enable us to go through life with a much better perspective. So many times we do not allow ourselves to be thankful because we also feel guilty because we do believe we have it good. Other times we do not want to be thankful because we do not feel that life has been fair to us.  Being less than thankful is not going to get back at life but will only make us better.

I’m greatly thankful for each and every one of you that invest time in yourselves to read over a little positive information which I have learned and pass on to you. Go out and be a ray of sunshine to someone else today. Have a very safe Thanksgiving!

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Did We Miss Our Appointment?

It is about that time again. Time to get all crazy over the holidays and start running around like we’ve only got a minute to get everything done. The holiday season can be one of the most fun times of the year but it is also a time that we miss out on so much.

Whenever we are in our day to day routine it is easy to get into a rut and not notice what is going on around us but in the holiday season we seem to be even more oblivious. We are not sure what is happening or how we are going to be able to fit everything on our plate. This not only creates a great deal of stress but we oftentimes overlook beautiful moments to interact with people.

We never know how much one word could impact another’s life. Why not share a word of encouragement or a story with someone regarding a topic in which they have interest? This will help them but it will also help you because as humans we have a desire to be connected. No matter how far we feel as if we want to be away from people in those times when people upset us we still have the desire deep down inside us.

When was the last time someone reached out to you and you were greatly appreciative?

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