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Hi Awesomeness Crew. 😀 Removing trapped emotions is the topic today!

I am super excited to share this video about the emotion code, trapped emotions and the Coding Alternative with you.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Emanuel Zevallos from Coding Alternative. After a couple of sessions with him myself and one with my hubs, Joe, I knew that I had to share this with all of my awesome people here.

Our mission is to infect the world with awesomeness and with what you’ll learn in this video, I know it will help in that mission!!

You don’t have to understand everything that you hear in the video, but I highly recommend that you open your mind and heart to be a truth seeker vs a fault finder if this is something new for you.

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Key Information In the Interview Regarding the Emotion Code, Removing Trapped Emotions & My Personal Stories

In case you are one of the people that would rather read it, here are some of the key takeaways that you will get when you watch the video.

Emanuel shared some of his story with us and how he found the Emotion Code. I find it very interesting that he actually started out reading the book and even becoming an Emotion Code practitioner because he thought it sounded like total crap. As you might guess, he kept working with it and notice results so made himself a believer.

Some of the stories he tells about the clients he has helped are very moving. I’m not going to try to write them so if you want to see that, I highly recommend that you watch the video. It is powerful!

Is This Witchcraft?

Some of my readers are probably raising their eyebrows and wondering why in the world I would ask that type of question, but I have a lot of Christian readers that are probably wondering.


No witchcraft here, if that is what you were looking for, sorry to disappoint. lol

Basically, your body (subconscious mind) has the answers to the questions about itself. It does not forget. When Emanuel goes through and asks these questions, he uses simple muscle testing and allows the body to tell him what emotions are trapped.

heart wallWhat Is the Heart Wall?

Emanuel goes into what the heart wall is in the interview above, but if you want to learn the very short version of what the heart wall is, here is a great video to help you:

Epic video, right? Very helpful. Thanks, Emanuel!

How Do You Work With the Different States or Countries?

If I hadn’t been exposed to more of this type of work already, I would have been asking the same thing.

There is muscle testing that needs to be done, you’re using a magnet to clear the trapped emotions, so how are you able to do this whenever you are so far away. That’s a really good question but you have to think –

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

-Albert Einstein

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know all of the laws and rules of physics. All I know is that I felt a change whenever I experienced my sessions AND one of the biggest things that I KNEW it worked was the following story. (It’s my story) ;0)

My 9-year-old son William apparently inherited a trapped emotion of worry from me, from my mom, from my grandmother so that was one old emotion that was stuck in his tiny body.

I would remember him saying some of the darkest things and worry about all types of problems that he might come across. He always wanted to make sure that he was prepared.

Imagine living with that since birth. I don’t have to imagine, I did and so did my mom! Her nickname before she passed was actually worry wart Joy.

So, Emanuel told me that William had gotten this emotion of worry passed down to him and I totally agreed that made perfect sense and he cleared that trapped emotion from myself and from William.

Since that day I have not heard one more dark question about some kind of dire circumstance that might come to haunt him. Not only that but for the first time every he told my husband that he loved him without being asked.

I looked deeper into why he had challenges with it before and it had to do with that trapped emotion of worry. He was worried that Joe was going to leave him so he tried to stay at arm’s distance. Interesting things that we learn, isn’t it?

What Type of People Do You Work With?

Emanuel explained to us that not only does he work with people that are “broke and broken” but he also works with high achievers that want to take their game to the next level.

Trapped emotions can affect any level of people and if you have a heart wall, there is definitely something that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Releasing and getting rid of the heart wall is important for anyone that wants to progress in relationships, health, business or any other part of life.

What Is This About Your Work With Veterans?

The Coding Alternative and Emanuel have a goal to work with 2 veterans per month to help them release trapped emotions from PTSD and other service-related psychological challenges.

They must have paperwork and proof that they have PTSD or something severe but then their full sessions and healing is free. AMAZING! Thank you, Emanuel. 🙂

How Can We Get in Touch With You?

If you want to get in touch with Emanuel and Coding Alternative, the best way to do this is to get in touch with him on Facebook, but here are some other links as well that will help you.

Coding Alternative Website

Coding Alternative Facebook Page

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