When Is The Perfect Time to Outsource Activities?


“What is the perfect time to outsource activities?” Slap yourself right there! Ka-pow! Nothing is perfect yo. As a business owner, you should know that by now… lol

There are plenty of things that you can outsource but you may be a little bit of a control freak. Don’t worry, I can totally relate. I’m a bit of a control freak as well. The thing is that if you want to make serious cash, you can’t be a control freak. It’s just not going to work for you.

You’ve got to set up some kind of rule so that you can see when you need to let go and when you do still need to take care of business.

One of my rules that I heard when listening to John C. Maxwell was that if someone else could do what I was doing at least 80% as good as me then it was time to delegate. Now, you can’t have a big ego and be like… NO ONE is as good as me or even close!! Or again, failure time is coming to you. Look out.

What You Need Most As A Business Owner

When you are a business owner and you want to move products or services, you NEED traffic. Whether this be foot traffic or online traffic, you’ve just go to have it! This is why many people choose to outsource marketing. Interesting choice.

As a marketer, I understand that not everything is marketed the same way and not everything is going to work as we plan it to work. This is why outsourcing a massive chunk of what we do is not always the best idea.

I like to understand how everything works and what needs to be done before I outsource anything. I want to know how to make graphics, how to set up a wordpress site, how to make memes, how to write articles, how to set up social media for success. Why? Because if you don’t know what you are doing and someone quits or is not doing the quality of work that you want, you’re stuck!

You may want to outsource your blog marketing but before you do, I recommend you learn HOW to do it and WHY it works. Feel free to grab my free ebook for more info.

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The Best Way to Keep Outsourcing Simple

Whenever you are trying to keep outsourcing simple the best way to do this is by making screenflows of everything that you want your assistant to do or if it is an online task, you can even video yourself doing that.

This way, if they get stuck, they can go back to the video and you won’t have to spend more time trying to help them. In some cases it will be necessary for you to step in but a lot of times these videos are time savers.

As you are embarking on this journey you will begin enjoying your free time more and more! Once you get a feel of the time freedom that can come and the ability to scale because of it, you will get addicted.

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Author: Jessica Vine

Jessica Lauren Vine is a wife to Joe, mom of 4 boys and marketer. She works in the affiliate marketing and network marketing fields. She loves to blog about these topics as well as personal development topics.

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