How to Succeed In Life

When you are thinking about how to succeed in life, you have to keep in mind your version of success.

For the sake of this article, we are going to think about success like Napoleon Hill listed it –

SUCCESS is the attainment of your DEFINITE CHIEF AIM without violating the rights of other people.”

If you are reading this blog entry looking for a roadmap to success, I can’t promise you a grand vision of success with mansions and stacks of cash.

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How to Use Music To Get More Done

As I was starting this blog post I just put my headphones in to listen to some super helpful techno music. lol Yeah, most of my friends are like, how is the world can you focus and write while you are listening to that stuff?

I didn’t think it would work either after I read an article about music and how it could help you be more productive.

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How to Make More Sales

Do you want to learn how to make more sales? What if I told you this one simple tip can help you start making more sales?


I am constantly learning and growing. I remember early on as I was learning how to blog and build a business online. There was so much to learn but one of the things I learned that helped me make a lot of money was how to… talk about benefits vs features!

What do I mean by this? Think about it like this… If I am talking to you, what gets you more fired up?

-28 Vitamins and nutrients


– Experience more energy throughout the day

-18 karat gold


Feel amazing wearing your brand new bling

How to Make More Sales

I can tell you that the more analytical ones of you are going to be okay with the first ones, lol. The truth is that the benefit ones will convert much higher.

You want to think… A.I.D.A – Attention, interest, desire and action.

We can talk about the other parts of this but right now let’s focus on the desire part.

When you talk about the benefits of a product or service you are going to start creating the desire. The more benefits you can think of the better. This is how to make more sales. Show massive value!

The more desire you can create, the more people you are going to have go to the next step and take that call to action. When they take that call to action… what is that for you? Right! Money in the bank! Congrats.

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