Global Wealth Trade Review – Scam or Legit Business Opportunity?

In this Global Wealth Trade review, we are going to talk about whether it is a scam or if it is legit. I am going to go over some of the points that I have found out and you can make your own decision.


One of the biggest things that I look at whenever it comes to a good company is the leadership. Why do I look at this? Because I want to see if the company is going to be around 10 years from now… 20 years from now!

I have to say that the CEO Ramin Mesgarlou is a knowledgeable, experienced and determined individual. I have gotten to get to know him since August 2015 and he is very serious about taking his company to the billion and beyond so he can pass it on to his son Cyrus.

Every event he reads a very touching letter that was actually something he said to his son, a promise he made to him to create this company and make it great so he will be the youngest CEO of a billion dollar company on Forbes! What an amazing goal!

Global Wealth Trade Review – Company History & Products

The company was founded in Ottawa in 2005 but it has only been over the past few years that the company has started expanding. The early years were getting the infrastructure in place and getting things going.

Initially they just started out with higher end products in the $10,000+ range. I understand that most people are not going to buy those high numbers of product but when you do make a sale, hot dog, right? 😉

Now we have products that are starting out at $10-$25 dollars! Anyone will be able to get a piece of the brand.

The product line is now jewelry, shoes, handbags and more! You can see more of the products here: GWT Website and FERI Flawless Prestige Skincare

Check out the GWT Showroom tour –

How Does It Work?

You may be wondering how you promote and how to get paid with global wealth trade. There are different ways that you can work the business.

If you like to work the business and do it in person, then you can have 1 on 1 meetings, share catalogs, leave drop cards and of course wear and share the product.

If you like to work online then we can teach you how to use the internet to grow your customer base as well as your team.

The basics to making money with global wealth trade are to sell the product and to help other people make money. If you can do those two things then you can make an unlimited income with GWT. The only thing that is holding you back is you.

global wealth trade opportunity

If you want to learn more about working with GWT and myself you can visit here: to join Global Wealth Trade opportunity.

Here are some photos of me, my team and some of the good times we’ve had together. The biggest thing I want you to get out of this global wealth trade review is that it is not a scam. Global Wealth Trade is a legit business.

From April 2016

global wealth trade DET
Diamond Elite Team at the showroom in April 2016

From Oct 2016

Me with GWT CEO Ramin Mesgarlou
Me on stage with GWT CEO Ramin Mesgarlou showing off my Forensic Networker DMO box.

This is from March 2017 –

Team photo after the GWT Gala
The team having fun after an amazing gala night!
FERI Flawless launch party
Diamond Elite Team after the FERI Flawless white and black launch party.

Global Wealth Trade has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been featured in many different publications.

global wealth trade review and accolades

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Helpful Facts About Global Wealth Trade

Compensation Plan

Global Wealth Trade has one of the best compensation plans I have seen available to professionals in the mlm world. How can GWT pay so much money? Because the profit margins are extremely high in fashion and prestige skincare.

Fast Start Bonuses up to $350 CAD

Cycles from $20 – $500 CAD

Free flowing binary variable binary. Not sure what that means? Watch this video:

Promo Materials Offered

Global Wealth Trade makes sure that you have plenty of promo materials to promote your business online or offline. From banners, drop cards, magazines, flip charts and more. Everything is already together for your team.

GWT also has a revolutionary gift certificate that is offered to get the attention of customers. You can hand out the $100 gift certificates. When the customer picks out $200 of products, they enter the gift certificate code and then they are able to get $100 off.

Start Up Costs

Start up costs are as little as $169 and you have a fully functioning ecommerce store that you don’t have to set up or figure out. Customer service is already in place and the products are shipped from the company to your customers. If you want to get products to sell yourself there are other packages available up to $3599.

Monthly Maintenance Costs

There are no mandatory costs, but if you want to get paid off any team that you bring onboard then you will either put $35, $75 or $150 into your “inventory account” to keep qualified. If you sell enough products from your site to qualify then you do not need to buy inventory account credits unless you just want to.

Yearly Renewal

Each year, you will have to renew your membership. The cost is either $69 or $194 and you actually get the amount that you pay back in inventory account credit so you are getting renewed and you are also receiving the ability to buy the product.

Training Offered

Every Sunday night there is a leadership webinar available for all distributors at no cost. On Tuesday nights there is a fast start training that is also available to all distributors at no cost.

Monday nights our Diamond Elite Team has zoom calls and gets together. Wednesday nights North America has a zoom call as well.

Each new member gets what is called a my5 (This is the 5 qualified people in your upline to help with any questions and threeway calls.)

There is plenty of training for new reps and the motto of our CEO is “No luxury consultant left behind.”

Want the entire opportunity playlist? Here you go:

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