Trust But Verify

Sometimes as business owners we don’t want to ruffle any feathers or think “badly” of someone so we don’t check work or ask for contracts. This is truthfully the worst idea ever.

My parents brought me up to trust people and they were super trustworthy people so I figured that contracts and such were not necessary. When it comes to business or anything, contracts are absolutely necessary.

Asking for a Contract

If you are a little nervous to ask someone for a contract, you can simply say, “This to protect all of us and to make sure we fully understand the terms of our agreement.” It doesn’t have to be a non-trust issue. Business is business.

I can tell you 9 times out of 10 (yeah, it took me a while to learn), when I did not have a contract someone “forgot” about an agreement or something did not go as planned. Just do it. Get it out of the way. lol

Checking People’s Work

If you have employees or virtual assistants working for you, you have to take the time to check their work. Even the most amazing of us can make mistakes and the not so amazing just don’t care if they make a mistake or not. This is where the trust but verify comes in.

When you get a system and routine in place to check people’s work that is going to keep it from being awkward. Instead of coming in midway and establishing this, you’ll already have it set up from the start.

There are sites like and that can easily help you set up contracts so you get the protection but you don’t have to go through all of the hassle!

It may be “sad” that we have to protect ourselves from each other but the truth is that is that way it is so no need to be sad about anything. lol

My husband and I went into business with two of our amazing friends and founded Shiny Bottoms Hull Cleaning and you better bet we have a contract. This way we understand everything clearly and can enjoy working together without any worry that one of us might forget or misunderstand.

This has been something I’ve had to learn the hard way in the past so if anyone out there has struggled with this too, I wanted to be able to share. πŸ™‚

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5 Brilliant Ways to Get More Done

Instead of saying we don’t have enough time, we should look for ways to get more done in the time that we do have. It is easy to sacrifice sleep and deplete our energy reserves but learning skills to be productive, that takes some true effort. Here are 5 brilliant ways to get more done.

#1 – Be On Time

This is one of the many lost arts for people. It sounds like something simple and maybe even boring but it speaks volumes. People that show up on time are put into the category of reliable and well managed individuals. They get more opportunities and are trusted with more responsibilities.

Richard Branson says in his linkedin article that being on time has served him well for over five decades in business.

#2 – Create a MAP – Massive Action Plan

Having a map to the treasure would seem like a helpful tip, right? Of course! If you want to get more done, it makes sense to have a map right to your destination.

One of the challenges with creating a map is that you have to know where you want to go. First figure out what your ideal destination is and then you can create the massive action plan.

Your massive action plan should start with the reason why so you can have plenty of fuel and THEN you need to put the steps required into play. If you look at the MAP don’t feel like you are going to follow through then you don’t have the right destination. Your desire needs to pull you forward. You can only push so long so that PULL is necessary!

#3 – Only Have Productive Meetings

One of the most “doh” facepalm things I have seen in business are these silly 1 on 1 networking meetings. Ok. Before everyone that runs a networking group beats me up… I don’t feel that way about ALL of them… lol

I have met some of my most amazing friends through business networking groups. The truth is that I have NEVER thought of those networking groups as places to gather business (even though I have) but instead I categorized them under fun time so it didn’t fall under this productive meeting rule.

Now… productive meetings would be:

  • Meetings to make a decision
  • Meetings to pitch a new idea, project or product
  • Meetings to consult with a potential client

Both/all parties on the call should be prepared and ready to go. No time wasting allowed.

#4 – Use a Voice Recorder

Have you ever had brilliant ideas or had someone tell you something you had to remember and forgotten it? I’m sure you have or you are some kind of superhuman.

It is not uncommon for me to be caught saying… Hey Siri, open voice recorder. lol Even in the middle of the night, or should I say – ESPECIALLY in the middle of the night – I use my voice recorder to put down anything that I felt I needed to remember.

Truthfully, I have woke up to some WEIRD voice clips but most of them are valuable. lol

#5 – Always Check the Work

I’m all for being trusting but have you heard the saying, “trust but verify”? It’s a good one to remember. It doesn’t matter if it is concerning looking over content you wrote for errors or looking over work that other people have done for you. It is extremely important to check the work and make sure that it is done up to your standards.

If you don’t check the work and it goes out wrong, it will cost a huge amount of time trying to get things fixed! Never blame it on the person that did the work for you. The buck always stopped with you when you want to get more done.


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Overworking Isn’t Glam

I have been super guilty of being extremely proud of being a “workaholic”. I thought it showed that I was not lazy. I was committed. I was dedicated!

There was a time in my life that I set work hours lower than 40 hours a week in my business and made twice as much money when I was working 24/7.

The sad thing is that my underlying insecurities caused me to go back to the workaholic life and I actually made LESS money again!

Why You Work More and Make Less

Why do you think this is? The truth is that if we give ourselves more time to accomplish a task, we are going to fill that time.

Whenever I know that I have 30 minutes to achieve a task, I get it done! BOOM. I could do the same task and give myself 1 hour and guess what? I take that one hour.

There is something in our brains that cause us to draw it out however long we give ourselves. The truth is that if we give ourselves a goal that we REALLY want to achieve and a time limit, we can achieve it.

Everything is energy. EVERYTHING. We can draw whatever it is that we want into our lives and listen for guidance that will help us to achieve our goals in less time.

I see this horrible “no sleep. I’ve got dreams to make happen” all over the place and YES, you do have to have a good work ethic but it is more important that you work with excellence when you are working than draw out work to fulfill our need to LOOK dedicated. Overworking is NOT glamorous. It is NOT something we should be proud of.

What If I Get Lazy?

I’ve always had this underlying fear of becoming lazy so I made sure that I worked like a crazy woman no matter what kind of job I was working in. Back in my “younger years” I worked in food service and manufacturing. I was one of the first there and one of the first to leave and I still was miserable.

My fear that I would become lazy was still there even though I had no energy to even move when I got home. I become extremely depressed for years because I felt like all I did was work and never got ahead. Sound familiar?

How Can You Work Less and Make More?

The best way to work less and make more is to prioritize your activities. Make sure that you are doing the income producing activities first. Most often those activities are ones that you don’t feel like getting done. Get those out of the way and then you can do the other administration tasks and less annoying things.

If you get the biggest and most annoying things out of the way first, you are going to see that you will be able to get out of work faster. Otherwise you will do the easier things first and keep putting off the things you don’t necessarily want to do until the end of the day. Many times this is why people end up taking work home with them.

You also want to put simple systems into place so you don’t waste time wondering what needs to happen next. Before you start doing anything, you should know exactly what is going to happen.

What to Do With All of That Extra Time?

As human beings, we need to have fun. We need to play! It’s healthy for us. With all of this extra time and the extra money that you are creating, you might want to take up a new hobby or invest in a business. There are plenty of things you can do with the extra time.

I was always worried I would be bored or that I would not know what to do. It was a change and change can sometimes be scary. Don’t let that stop you. πŸ™‚

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