MLM Prospecting Tips – MLM Sponsoring Simplified

MLM prospecting tips are plentiful across the web and most of them are helpful but sometimes the explanations don’t always make sense. My aim is to give you some simple tips to help you be more successful when you are working on your mlm sponsoring.

MLM Prospecting Tips – Qualify Your Prospect

Have you been taught to bring everyone into your network marketing company and not to “prejudge”? I agree on that in some ways. I believe we should never prejudge someone in the way that we believe they are too successful to want our opportunities. I also believe that sometimes people that don’t “look” like our ideal prospects may be just that.

There are some points that I use to qualify though. One of them is the FEEL that I get from someone. If someone feels like they are shady or negative then they are disqualified and are not allowed to come onto my team. Why not? Because negative people are like cancer… they will spread and infect the other people in the business in a bad way.

Another thing that I look out for with people is that they have the desire. If I in anyway feel that I need to convince them of anything then they can go elsewhere and find another team to play around with. lol

MLM Prospecting Tips – Think About the Prospect’s Wants

Never see dollar signs over people’s heads. When we do that, people know and they don’t like it. If we start thinking about people in a loving and caring when we will have no problem bringing good people onto our team.

Ask your prospect questions about their goals, dreams and what they enjoy doing. See how what you have to offer can help them achieve those goals and allow them to see it as well by sharing stories of people that are just like them that were able to create that reality.

MLM Prospecting Tips – Don’t Make Crazy Claims

Never promise people they are going to be able to make tons of money in a certain time period. You never know what type of work ethic they have or what kind of energy they are going to be putting out into the world.

You can share stories of what has happened so they can see what can happen but never give income claims. They can look at the compensation plan and listen to the stories and see what they can do for themselves.

When you are open, honest and don’t make crazy claims, people will be much more likely to trust you. If people do not trust you, they will not do business with you. Be trustworthy so you can be trusted.

MLM Prospecting Tips – Conclusion

As you are working on your MLM sponsoring and bring more people into the business, you will get better every time. Just remember that bringing a prospect into the business is only the beginning. You then need to think about what to do afterward. After people come on board is when all of the fun begins and you become the mentor or at least one of the mentors.

Always begin with the end in mind. Always plan for success and be ready to launch a new team member.

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Facebook Marketing for Network Marketers

Facebook marketing for network marketers can be a little trickier than other fields. Why? Because Facebook is not exactly a fan of people directly promoting their MLM opportunity.

Facebook Marketing for Network Marketers – Facebook Ads

Let’s say you are trying to boost your post or create an ad to promote your network marketing opportunity. Ah, sorry. That’s a no go. Why? Don’t they want my money? You’d think so, right? Nope. Not the case.

I remember the first time I went onto facebook and I was so excited because I was going to post this really awesome ad asking people if they would like to get paid to xyz. I had a cool little picture and everything. Not happening! Denied!

So, what do you do if you want to get around those annoying little facebook haters? The best way is to create a longer ad that does not draw too much attention to the get paid to do xyz. Also make sure you do not have keywords that will flag you in the ad, like “work from home” or “mlm opportunity” or “network marketing”. Most of the time it will get your ad denied.

Here is an example of one that I ran for a few days.


As you can see, it is a fun picture. Here my girl Bonnie and I went out on the town to rock our designer products and grab some new leads and attention. I wrote a long piece of copy and people who were interested just said so and/or liked the photo.

This is a great way to get leads and I just ran it really short and put a few bucks toward the ad. You can only do this if you have a Facebook FANPAGE, not profile. Facebook used to have a feature where you could promote your posts on your profile but they took that feature away.

Facebook Marketing for Network Marketers – 1 on 1 Recruiting

If you are looking to bring more people into your network marketing team without ads then you can do 1 on 1 recruiting through private messages.

Let me show you an example of what NOT TO DO:

Hey Jane!! I am so excited! I’ve just partnered with this new company, XYZ and they are growing so fast. I had to tell you about them. You can go to (your link here) and see a video and comp plan and more.

Examples of what to do:

Close friend who you have their phone number… call them. lol

Close friend who you do not have their phone number… Hey Jane! It’s been forever since we’ve chatted. Are you using skype or zoom these days? Let’s catch up.

Schedule about 30 minutes to catch up and see what is going on in their lives. When they ask you about what you are doing these days you can tell them you’re working with… a health and wellness company, travel company, designer fashion company, whatever it is for you.

If they start asking you question you can refer back to your company video or if they are interested in the products, you can do a screen share and let them see the products on your website.

The more you do this, the more customers and reps you will have in your business. Teach your team to do the same thing and you are going to have some insane duplication!

Facebook Marketing for Network Marketers – Sharing Stories V Selling

facebook marketing for network marketersWe all see lots of before and after pictures flying around on facebook of people losing weight and that is fine if it is kept to a minimum and especially if there is a great story behind it. A before and after photo without a story is not so powerful so when you are thinking about facebook marketing for network marketers, remember… STORIES!

Let’s look at two different approaches. Both people are trying to sell a diamond ring.
Person #1 – Posts an ad image of the diamond ring saying… 10% off! Click here.

Person #2 – Posts an ad image of a 2 cute kids playing together, another of teenagers sharing a scoop of ice cream, another of the man proposing to the woman and finally a picture of aged hands holding each other and the ring there many years later. This collage tells a picture of their love.

Which one do you think got the sale?

The point is to tell stories with social media instead of blasting ads all over the place. Your story is much more powerful than facts and this goes back to the facts tell and stories sell that we always hear about!

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What Is Network Marketing?

What is network marketing?

Is it a pyramid scheme or scam? Is it something where the guy/gal at the top makes all the money? How can it benefit me?

These are common questions that I hear all of the time. As with anything, there are good and not so good points to things. Network marketing is no different.

networkmarketingisThe most simple way that I answer the question, “What is network marketing?” is to say… Network marketing is the use of word of mouth advertising to create sales. Pretty simple, right?

The only challenge with us humans though is that we love to complicate things. We enjoy giving these long examples of network marketing and talk about legs, percentages and formula. This is one of the reasons many people are turned off by network marketing. These things are so foreign and confusing and that is why most people fail when they get started.

Here’s a case for you. A new person gets started and talks to their friend or family member… Hey, Aunt Jean!! I am so excited!! I just got started with XYZ company and I am going to build it all over the world and it is so cool. We just share and make money. Are you in?

Of course Aunt Jean knows even less than this excited newbie so she is confused and worried that her niece has bumped her head. She proceeds to ask a million questions that her niece does not know so the niece feels frustrated and if there is not the necessary support structure in the upline then this is usually when the new person mentally checks out. They start questioning themselves, their decisions, the company and everything else.

Even if this person stays in the company, their belief system is gone so all hope of succeeding has gone as well.

Let’s look at another case… A new rep gets started and is worked with one on one and coached on how to answer questions, what videos to send, what accolades to show and more. They approach a friend or family member with confidence and are able to share with them about the opportunity.

Even if that new rep’s prospect does not get started, their confidence is still high because they were able to answer the questions and move forward. So even more than MLM meaning multi level marketing, it should mean multi level mentoring.

diamond-elite-teamOur current team just got together August 13th, 2015 and already we are seeing massive growth. Why? Because we focus so much on this one point which is MENTORING.

What good is it if you recruit 200 – 500 people or whatever and most of them how no clue what they are doing. They don’t know how to approach people, how to share the plan, how to get customers or any of these things. It’s very frustrating for the person that is coming into this business to create an income for their families.

If you ask a person that has been in network marketing companies without mentoring what network marketing is they are most likely going to tell you… PAINFUL!! lol That’s what it is – painful!

What Is Network Marketing? – What Is It To You?

I do need to make one more point on this part. A lot of times people are asking “what is network marketing?”, but what they don’t realize is that it can be many things to different people. How network marketing works is more what I explained above but network marketing is only as big as you make it.

What I mean by this is if you treat your business like a business it is going to pay you like a business but if you treat it like a hobby then it is going to pay you like a hobby.

Network marketing may have a much lower start up cost than franchises and traditional businesses but it shouldn’t be taken any less seriously. Did you know that network marketing is responsible for 20% of the world’s millionaires according to ?

This means that anyone with desire and the willingness to learn can succeed! Of course you need to find the right company and right team to work with and make sure there is a fair compensation plan but really… anyone is able to succeed!! WHY NOT YOU?

Choose to make the rest of your life, the best of your life! Are you in? The power of agreement and the power of declaring is well… very powerful so leave a comment below and let us know that you are IN! Also if you found this post helpful, make sure to share it with a friend. 🙂

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