1 Top Tip to Zap Stress and Increase Your Ability to Thrive

Do you find yourself stressed out and confused about what you are going to do? Stress most commonly comes from being confused about what to do OR what to do next OR how to do it! Confusion = Stress

The most important thing to do whenever you want to reduce stress is to put systems into place around everything. It doesn’t matter if it is in your business or in your personal life. You want to have systems!

Look around at everything that you do. Is there a way that you can put a system into place around it? Of course there is.

You can have a morning routine (system) that helps you get on track in the morning. Maybe you have a system around getting ready for your workout or something similar.

If you have anything that you do online for promotion of your business or other tasks you want to get a specific system down and shoot a screenflow. You want to record your screen showing exactly how it is done. Why? Because there will be a time when you can hire a virtual assistant to help you with these tasks.

Get this rocking asap and you’re going to have so much less stress!

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Conflict Resolution – Are You Gas or Water?

Conflict resolution in a world that feeds on drama!

Are You Water or Gas-

If you’ve ever experience conflicted before, I’m sure there has been a time or two when you’ve reacted instead of responded. Sometimes we have these “knee jerk” reactions and we want to strike back. You need some conflict resolution in your life.

THEY hurt US so we want to hurt them back. It will feel good to hurt them back! Maybe for a minute or less but once damage is done, it is done.

Now think about a situation that you’ve dealt with when you were pleased with the way that you dealt with it.

Whenever you deal with a conflict and put water on it, you felt a lot better. There was less drama and more peace in your life.

Ok, maybe some people are all about the drama and want to live a show for reality television but not you and I. You and I want positive adventures. We don’t want negativity to stuck our life out of our bodies.

Help for Being Water

When you feel like you are about to blow when you are having a conflict, take a few minutes and think… “Why is this person reacting this way? I don’t know.” You can’t assume this person is doing anything out of spite. Assume the best. Maybe they are doing it because they are hurting and want you attention. Who knows!

Many times, people do not feel like they are heard. Listen to people. Answer them with a soft voice. A kind answer turns away wrath.

If this is a situation you deal with often then you may want to rethink the relationship but when it comes to one time dealings or the occasional dealings it is worth it to be the bigger person.

Books & Resources I’ve read/used on this topic

John C Maxwell – 21 Irrefutable Laws – Get it on amazon

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Productivity Tips: 3 Awesome Secrets of the Uber Productive

Are you confused about how to be most productive and need help?

3 Awesome Secrets

Do you ever wonder if successful people have 25 hours in a day and you only have 23? How in the world do they get everything done? It just doesn’t seem possible!!

I remember being frustrated and wondering why I could never see the light at the end of the tunnel. At this particular time, I was pregnant with our 3rd son, Christian and had developed a very successful writing career.

At this point I would get up in the morning and write from crack of dawn until dark. After that I would work on my “side project” hahah…

As I was getting more and more pregnant I was a little nervous that I was not going to be able to have time to recover after baby so I started looking into productivity training.

Some of the things that I learned in these training modules back in 2011 still ring in my mind today!

3 Awesome Secrets of the Uber Productive

#1 – Focus

Now, hear me out. Sometimes people get scared and run away because they know the speech on multi-tasking is coming. Nah, just let me share with you…

When I set aside 90 minute time blocks and knock out a project I feel insanely amazing. I can get a ton of stuff done that really matters! After the 90 minutes I reward myself and if I get done with my task before the 90 minutes that is extra fun time! Woo hoo!

Did you know that when you break your focus it can take you 20 minutes to get back into “the zone”?

Try out some different focus techniques and see how they work for you.

#2 – Planning

Planning out what you are going to do actually helps with point number one of focus as well. The less you have to wonder what you are supposed to be doing, the better. Know what you need to do and get it done.

You can use whiteboards and sticky notes to help keep you on track. I absolutely love them!

#3 – Organization

This blends with planning as well. If you are planning then you are most likely organized in some way. Some people have a made man/woman method to their organization and that’s fine with me.

I just want you to know where what you need is so you can get to work on it and get it done. There is no time to waste before you can find something or don’t remember something.

These are just three tips that will help you on your journey. Did you find it helpful? If so, tweet, share, pin, smoke signal away!

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