Silencing Your Inner Critic

Are you your own worst enemy?

I know myself that I have come up against a battle with the woman in the mirror more than once. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you are working to build a better life for your family, still keep your individual identity and grow as a person. It is like a juggling act and sometimes those balls look more like chainsaws!

While our inner critic is of course in our mind, you may also notice that what is in your mind comes out your mouth. Even though you are thinking that you are able to keep it hidden and no one knows how you are feeling, your conversation will reveal was is in your heart and mind.

Sometimes we say dis-empowering words and we don’t even realize we are doing it. We call ourselves stupid or say that we can’t do something. Not only is that horrible for us to say that about ourselves but other people are listening. Those that look up to us are listening.

The people that look up to us are saying “If she/he cannot do it then how can I do it?” and no matter how much we think we are faking it and not showing our true feelings, we are showing them. That is why we have to work on ourselves from the inside out.

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A Breakdown Usually Comes Before a Breakthrough

Have you ever noticed right before any major change for the better you’ve worked toward that you have normally went through something extremely stressful? This is the way that life works. You have to have a test to have a testimony. You’ve got to go through some things before you can grow through those things.

If you find yourself going through something extremely difficult then you should stop getting frustrated and start getting excited. This means that your breakthrough is coming. The fact that you’ve heard this before doesn’t make it any less true. As a matter of fact that should make it a confirmation to you that it is true.

Situations are neither truly good or bad, they are the meaning that we give to them. If we experience them as bad then they are bad and if we experience them as good then they are good. What way do you want to experience each experience you have?

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