Being Sure of Yourself and Still Humble

confident-ladyWow is life ever difficult to balances sometimes. It can really feel like we are on a tightrope trying to make sure that the wind doesn’t blow us over and that we do not slip on the ice that just crusted over the rope. lol I’m sure you understand what I am saying. ;0)

In the world of personal development we talk so much about personal development. We talk about belief in ourselves, our company, product, service, what we are doing etc. It seems our goal is to get this elusive thing called “posture” without being a jerk. lol Sometimes being a jerk has its place, but most of the time I just enjoy being nice to people.

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Gratitude Bucket – Day 6

gratitude-bucketYes, I could just as easily of set up a gratitude book or something like that, but having the gratitude bucket sitting near my computer on my desk with the lid open keeps me looking for things to be thankful for. I also put a goal to have this gratitude bucket filled in a month. 12-20-15 to 1-20-16! My goal is to totally cover my wall in my office with these buckets and then one day to have to rent a storage locker to hold them. lol Imagine my kids and grand kids and so on inheriting these invaluable gratitude habits!

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The Importance of Taking Care of Your Health

stretchingIt is very easy for us to blow through life “achieving” only to find ourselves sick and tired at the end of the day. It is necessary for us to take care of our health and make time for exercise and eating right. If we do not take care of ourselves we will end up missing work that we needed to get done and not coming out ahead at all.

Simple Ways to Make Time for Fitness

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