Making Promises You Know You Won’t Keep

be-trueToday I was looking back at some of the things I’ve “wanted” to get done or thought that I “should” do. Pretty much NONE of those things were done. Every time that we say to ourselves that we want to do something or we should do something, I consider that making a promise to ourselves. We are telling ourselves we are going to do this certain thing and when we don’t do it we are not keeping that promise to ourselves. How can we solve this challenge?

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Do More In Less Time – No Excuses

One of the things that I hear from team members when I am working with them in their network marketing business is that if they had more time then they could really blow this business out of the water. The truth is that I have seen it more often than not that when they do pull away from the workforce and go full time – they get less done! Why?

The reason many networkers get less done when they retire and come home from their work to work their own businesses is because they are not yet used to managing their own time. They come up with all kinds of reasons why they are not able to get things done. A friend came by to visit, they didn’t feel good and don’t think I’m pointing the finger! I’ve done it too!! By the time all of the excuses are gone… it is the end of the day! Where did the day go???

Here are 3 top tips to rock your day below, but there is so much more that needs to be learned. Pick up some great books on time management and management in general. I am putting a course together on becoming an authority in your niche which will include some time management tips that will totally allow you to outwork the competition and become the top in your field without it taking over your life! Enjoy the infographic but also leave your top tips for productivity below. I would love to hear them.


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Who Is Your Crew?

Who is it that you hang out with the most? What videos do you watch on YouTube? What type of person attracts you? If we find ourselves in a lot of drama, we might want to look at ourselves and see if we are also people that thrive off of drama. If we cry a lot then we may notice that we have friends that are a lot like us. The challenge is that if all of our friends are like how we are currently, we are not going to make progress.

When we want to learn and grow, we need to start hanging out with people that are more like who we want to become. The only challenge is that people are far ahead of us oftentimes will not be attracted to hanging out with us because we do not have the same things on our minds. This is why books are important. We can learn so we will be more interesting to those people that we want to hang out with.

So, here is the video that I did on the topic. Enjoy! :

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