It’s All About the Eyeballs!

eyeballIf you are a marketing professional, you know it is all about the eyeballs. Your goal is to get as many eyeballs in your demographic to your offer.  The more targeted eyeballs that you have to your offer, the more likely you are going to be able to “make the sale.”

This is totally over simplifying it, I know that, but that is the base of things. So here are a few questions for you and a video:

Who’s Eyeballs Do You Want?

Whenever we get started in marketing, we go out there and tell the world ALL about everything we are doing and boy are we excited. We get a little less excited when we don’t get any results. lol

Investing time to find out your ideal eyeballs is a great use of time. For instance, if you are selling hair bows, you want the eyeballs of moms that has girls from birth to maybe 8-10 years old. If you are selling fishing equipment, you usually want the eyeballs of men anywhere from 18 and up and if you can find people that are interested in the outdoors to target – even better!

Why Would They Buy From You?

Just because we have what people want does not mean they are going to buy from us. Why would they want to buy from us? It’s a proven fact that people buy from those that they like, know and trust. You can develop liking, knowing and trusting by allowing people to become familiar with you. Video marketing is a huge way to build trust online! I love video marketing because people can tell that I am real! I’m not perfect by any means, but I am real. lol

The more value you provide to people before you ask for the sale, the more likely you are to get the sale! Sometimes you won’t even have to ask for the sale, truthfully!!

Now, go on out there, find your eyeballs and start sharing valuable content! 😀

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