Sharing From the Heart Today

Yeah, I know… I always share from the heart, but this is more random. lol I turned on my camera today and just shared some things I was feeling:

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I have to say that over the past few years since May 15, 2012 when I lost my mom… I have been floundering to find some sense of stability. When mom was alive, I know that no matter how much we fought (because we were so much alike!! There, I admitted it!!!) and fussed… we always had each other’s backs! I knew she was always going to be there for me. I was the “miracle baby” so I knew she really wanted me. hahah 🙂

be-you-tifulAfter she died, of course I still have so many amazing people in my life that love me, but she was my rock and I was her rock. It was almost like one of my biggest purposes in life (to keep mom company and in good spirits despite her illness) was totally gone. It was kind of like postpartum depression symptoms.  I started paying careful attention to how I was acting and wondering who I was going to upset and just really toning down my personality for fear of losing someone I cared about by being too “me”.

I have to tell you that it brought a lot of FAKE people to me. They too were hiding things and not being themselves. The thing is that many of them were not being “fake” because they were worried about what other people thought. They were being fake to get certain results and not always acting with the best integrity. I was starting to be a little freaked out… WHY am I attracting these types of people into my life??? The answer was clear, you’re not being honest with who you are. 😮 OUCH! My fault???

Whenever I started sharing not just the good parts of my life, but also the hurt, pain and developments I need to make, I started to attract the most AMAZING people and experiences into my life. Just give it a try. You may be surprised at the results you get!

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There Is No Such Thing As Failure – Only Temporary Defeat

Have you ever felt like you are a failure? That you have no right to be teaching anything to other people? A few years ago this came over me because of what other people had said. These people didn’t even say them to ME, but I took them personally. A couple of days ago I wrote this post on my Facebook Page… I hope it helps you!

presentWe all have things in our past that have “shaped us” into the people that we are today. The thing is that WE choose what they shape us into.

In the past few years I have experienced what I had embraced and internalized as “failures” and those failures kept me from sharing my knowledge and passion with others. To avoid being hurt or judged, I kept my “gold” that I had to share with the world buried! If you’re a Bible reader then you know what happens when you do that!! YIKES!!

NO MORE… I realize the things I had embraced as failures were actually bumpers like in bowling… they were making sure I didn’t go off course. They were and ARE taking me to that bowling STRIKE! No us want to use the bumpers in bowling, but hey… sometimes you gotta get bumped a few times to get to where you want to go. ESPECIALLY if you have big goals and dreams.

In every “failure” which is really only a temporary defeat… there is an equivalent SEED of success!!

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