3 Top Tips to Get Yourself Into Action

Are you an action taker or a procrastinator? A lot of times people THINK they are action takers but they are not doing what is necessary to get to the next level. Their level of action simply is not high enough. If you feel like you’ve been running into a brick wall and want to get a move on here are 3 top tips to get yourself into action!

1 – Make Inaction Painful!!

The truth is that we will act faster to make sure we avoid pain than we will act to achieve a goal that we want. It is necessary to put as much pain as possible behind our reason to act. Here is an example.

Let’s say that you want to lose 10 pounds before a high school reunion. At first you might “want” to do it and think it would be a “good idea” but that’s not enough. How can you make it more painful so that you will be sure to take the action necessary?

One of the things you could do is think about someone that might have insulted you when you were a kid. Despite how much we try not to care what people think , we do so, why not use it? Think about how painful it would be if they saw you and still made fun of you? That would be horrible! Then think about how good you would feel when you walk into the high school reunion looking a-mazinnnggg!!! WOWZA!

2 – Trick Yourself Into Action

While you are going to know what you are doing, you can still play some mind games to get yourself going. You can link something else to the action that you want to take. Let’s say that you want spend 30 minutes on the treadmill but you simply hate it. Could you do 10? Could you do 5? Start yourself on a 5 minute timer and do the walk. Then set the timer for another 5 and add those 2 together… that’s 10! Each day reset the timer 1 more time until you get to 30. Once you’ve done 30 once it will be much easier to get yourself to do it again!

3 – Reward Yourself for Your Action

Make sure you put a carrot in front of the horse (you). Even if it is something small, we have to make sure that we reward ourselves for good action. Don’t skip this step or the other ones will only work for so long!! It doesn’t have to be big but… DO IT!!!

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