What You “Should” Do

I’ve oftentimes done things because I “should” do them. I’m totally over doing that and I am working on getting better at saying NO. Just because something is a great opportunity, it doesn’t mean it is the right opportunity for you. I was reading somewhere the other day that a lady had taken out anything in her life that she should do and always asked “Am I happy doing this?” and “Is this bringing me more peace, money and getting me closer to my goal?” If she answered no to either of those then she knew she wasn’t going to do it.

It is time to give ourselves freedom to be happy and to do what we love!! Are you ready?

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Happy New Year – Popular Facebook Posts

So, we are into 2015 a little bit now and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure things are different. Are you breathing new air? Drinking new water? What’s up? lol Because I feel great! It is time to make this year the best year of our lives. Why? Because we can!!!

Here are some of the posts from facebook that have been very popular with my friends there and I thought you would enjoy them as well.

“VISION: If you want to build a big business, big team, successfully lead a family etc it takes vision. Who would want to follow a “leader” that has no idea where they are going, why they are doing what they are doing and what the follower’s role would be? If you don’t have vision YET, then it is time to get around people that do so you can develop your skills and cast the vision people need! Hype can only get you so far but vision will take you ALL THE WAY! #leadership #success #newyear”

“DETERMINATION – Good morning everyone from me in Tennessee… In 2015 I challenge you to have the most intense determination of your life. When the going gets tough; that’s when the muscle fibers are broken down and the growth happens. When you feel like you can’t run another second; that’s when the second wind comes! Give up should never be in our vocabulary. If you’re depressed, bored, unhappy it’s most likely because you have no goal OR because you have a goal and have lost hope that you can achieve it. GET DETERMINATION inside of you and know it is already done and there ya go! Just time to walk it out. Who is determined starting right now and into 2015?? #leadership #goals #success”

“Good Sunday morning to you. Did you know you don’t have to just “take what comes to you?” Did you know that right now you are manifesting the story you believe about yourself? The good news is that you can change the story you believe. Choose to make today a great day. 🙂 Who is with me?”

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