Create Habits That Work For You

As humans, we are all creatures of habit. We do pretty much the same thing over and over again unless we purposefully break a habit and replace it with another habit. How do we make our quality of life better if we keep the same habits? We don’t. That is why it is important for us to create new habits that are going to work for us.

What are some habits that I have created over the years that have served me well?

[success]Being Early[/success]


[success]Being Caring[/success]

[success]Learning Daily[/success]

There are more, but I can’t tell all, now can I? 😉 When we create habits that work for us, it allows us to have success much faster and easier than we would if we simply had to rely on discipline and making it happen.

Think about a few habits you can create that will help you achieve your goals. You only want to work on one new habit at a time though. It will take at least twenty one days of doing whatever it is consistently so that you can create a habit. Best wishes!

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Doing Stuff Even When You Would Rather Be Lazy

getting things doneHave you ever just felt like laying around all day? Even when you knew you had things to do? No of course not, I’m sure YOU have not. 😉 But for normal people like me and everyone else in the world, it can be difficult to do something even when you would rather just laze around.

One of the things that I have learned to do over the years is to take action even when I don’t feel like taking action. That is why I can over perform almost anyone – even people that are smarter and more talented than me AND believe me… that’s a lot of people. Bahahaha….

Soo… how DO you go about doing stuff even when you would rather be lazy? I’ll give you some action steps:

Build Up Value For What You Are Going to Do

Whatever it is that you are going to do, there has to be a reason that you want to do it, right? Maybe you want to take out the trash… why? It stinks? It looks horrible sitting there? lol Whatever the reason – there IS a reason! Think about all of the reasons that you want to get it done. The more things you can think of, the better.

Tell Yourself How Miserable You Will Be If You Do Not Do It

Now think about all of the bad things that would happen if you did not do those things. Let’s stick with the trash example. If you didn’t take out the trash, it could stink up the whole house. It could start falling in the floor. It could bring bugs and other creatures! Yikes!!

Take the First Step Toward Your Goal

Do the first thing that you would need to do to get the goal achieved. Maybe it would be to get out of bed if you are still in bed, then take a literal step. If we are staying with the trash example, you could get the trash bag that you are going to put in the trash can out where you will keep seeing it until you get the job done. Doing one thing at a time will make the job seem less daunting.

You can apply this to anything in your life. Trash, writing a blog post like this one, creating a video you need to market your product, service or opportunity, having a much needed talk with a friend or family, etc. Whatever it is, you can apply it and get the job done!

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Guilt – It Can Kill You

Article by Luly B. Original article posted here.

I don’t think a day goes by without a working mom telling me that she feels guilty…

But here’s the thing: Guilt is a useless emotion. It’s a feeling that weighs us down and holds us back. When you feel guilty, it’s like putting a pillow over your face and expecting to still be able to breathe. Guilt affects every part of you and your life.

In fact, guilt can kill you.

Guilt can kill your confidence and perspective. When you let guilt control you, you’re stressed and anxious. That frantic feeling doesn’t let you sleep at night, does it?

Guilt can kill your relationships. It causes you to start resenting the people in your life and makes us feel unhappy. Is that really how you want to be around your loved ones?

Guilt can kill the quality of your work. Guilt gets you to say “yes” to things you really can’t do or don’t want to do. Are you really providing 100% of yourself to all the things you’re saying “yes” to?

The good news is, you don’t have to feel this guilt anymore. All it takes is a bit of perspective. When you free yourself of the guilt, you can relax. You can savor. You can be yourself and give your all – all the time.

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