Uncover Your “Supreme” Brand Distinction Part 1

Great article by the lovely Linda Pringle Evans on Branding. Must read! – linda

Today, people want to buy brands – so what is a brand? It is the unique promise of value that you have to offer your customers. You create the perception of value in the minds and hearts of your target audience. Your brand is the human spirit that embodies who you are and what you do. Your brand guides the decisions for your business. Therefore, in essence YOU are the Brand of your business. The human spirit empowers your brand. Your unique promise of value is written like a letter in your target audience hearts and minds – how they perceive your good works. It’s about understanding your unique attributes – your strengths, skills, values and passions – and using them to separate yourself from your competitors. A successful brand is authentic and it is much easier to market and sell your services.

For women in business it is essential to uncover your brand distinction. Your brand distinction is uncovered when you identify: What is it about you that really make you standout? What is your sweet spot? What makes you special and savvy? As female entrepreneurs you want to uncover what makes you “Supreme” within your niche. A supreme brand is one of authority within your niche. It reveals the ownership of your unique promise of delivered value to your target audience.

To uncover your supreme brand distinction it requires extracting the elements of your core attributes, values, passions, interests, beliefs and strengths. Your supreme factor reveals what you possess that will undeniably uncover your unique promise of value and help you become recognized as an authority within your niche……Your brand distinction reveals what you stand for and why people should buy from you. It helps you to identify your “Sweet Spot.” Knowing your sweet spot helps you to produce the best results for your clients.

Once you have uncovered your supreme brand distinction it is time to create your branding. Without branding it is impossible to differentiate yourself from competitors. Consider the Supreme Court of the U. S. It is the judicial system of authority – the highest within the United Sates. You want to create a supreme brand of distinction. One of authority and held at the highest esteem.

Without branding it is impossible to market and sell your services. Branding is a way of clarifying and communicating what makes you an authority within your niche, what makes you different and special – and using those qualities to guide your business decisions. Branding consists of your logo, color palette, font, stationery, website, blog, your appearance, everything that is promoting your brand. Your brand creates the branding that helps communicate the messaging about you, your services and what differentiates you from competitors.

Get the message!

How does one achieve your supreme brand distinction? There are 3 key areas that requires uncovering to achieve success:

  • What makes you great?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What makes you compelling?

What makes you great? Brands are built around your supreme factors. What do you do better than anyone else? What’s your superpower? To find out, think about what’s innate: what are you naturally good at? What do people routinely ask you to help them with? Sometimes we are so good at something and it comes to us so easily. We don’t realize how valuable it is to those around us.
What makes you unique? You must know what makes you stand out from the others who do what you do. It could be your expertise in a niche area. It might be a personality characteristic. Or it could relate to how you get things done – your unique way of producing results. If what you do and how you do it are no different from everyone who shares your niche, you have very little leverage. Why should someone choose you over the others who share your capabilities? Here’s an exercise to conduct for insight about your uniqueness.


Get a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center vertically. On the top left, write SAME
and on the top right, write DIFFERENT. Then think about your competitors, record what you have in common with them. Then on the right side, identify what differentiate you. This brings to light the personal aspects of your identity that make you a unique individual.
What makes you compelling? You first need to find out who needs to know you. Who is making decisions about you? Who can benefit from your services? As an entrepreneur you are branding yourself for a select group of people. You want to become selectively famous to those people who need to know you so you reach your goals. Branding requires focus. And that focus should be aimed at your target audience. The people you need to surround yourself with so you can deliver results to your clients.

Remember “a supreme brand reflects the personal attributes, and qualities, of its creator (YOU)!”

“Your supreme brand distinction will make you successful.” – Linda Pringle Evans

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Linda Pringle Evans is a business growth consultant and brand strategist for Millennial and Gen X service based female entrepreneurs and business owners. She helps her clients to become crystal clear on their niche, uncover a supreme brand, implement branding strategies that communicates and amplify the brand, and how to grow your business with live events. She has served as a keynote and motivational speaker, trainer, radio show host, author, coach, and event strategist.  In addition, she is the Midwest Regional Director of the Public Speakers Association. www.pringlebizconsulting.com

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When We Embrace Who We Are

When we embrace who we are, it is so much easier to love others and let them in. When we are worried that we are going to show our “ugly” to others, it is difficult for us to fully love others. If we are constantly thinking about our own imperfections, it is hard to see the beauty in other people. What we focus on expands in us and those around us. If we focus on ugly then we are going to get more ugly.

There are plenty of ways to embrace who we are. Writing in a journal and putting your whole mind on the paper is really helpful. Sometimes things come out that you had no idea were in there. See what is in there, embrace what you find and if you need to work on it then do. If you believe that is just how you are then you are going to be okay with showing people who you are.

What can we do today to embrace who we are?

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Obtaining Inner Peace

“ We can never attain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” Dalai Lama
What is blocking you from achieving your own inner peace? This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. Without inner peace our lives are consistently chaotic. How many of you feel that you are constantly on a roller coaster ride except this roller coaster isn’t very fun. This roller coaster robs us of our very essence and higher self. The more I read and study about inner peace the more I have come to find that inner peace, in fact, is simply a choice. That’s right, we have a choice every moment, every day and in every situation to bring ourselves to a state of peacefulness.

Inner peace comes from not reacting to life but by creating life. At first it will take some work and it will not be easy but just like anything it becomes easier the more you do it. Trust me, I teach about inner peace and I still have days where I find myself overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, sad, etc. I am human and I have the same human experiences and emotions just like any of you. What brought me to teaching about this topic is because I found myself yearning more and more for my own inner peace. Inner peace isn’t something that only saints, monks and spiritual leaders can achieve. After all, they are just as human as you are so this is your wake-up call that you too can achieve this if you desire it enough.

We live in a very judgmental, negative society and it is easy to get sucked into all the fears associated with all of it. I am a very sensitive person and I soak up all the emotions and feeling of those around me and I have come to find that it literally was draining me from my very own happiness. I constantly wanted to please others, to make sure other people liked me. I do think that it is important that we help and serve others but the key factor is that we don’t help and serve others at the expense of ourselves. It is true there is a big difference between self-care and selfishness. Even just saying the two out loud you can feel the different energy surrounding them.

So now we have come to this. What can you do to reach a state of inner peace and keep yourself there as much as possible? First and for most, you must change your thoughts. Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your emotions and your emotions create your actions. This doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it. Our human ego wants nothing more than to keep us down. Just by doing simple affirmations and positive self-talk we can change our chaotic lives into peaceful lives. It is best to do this in steps and the first step always comes with awareness. We can’t change that in which we are not aware of so awareness is key.

Letting go of judgments and expectations is my next step. When we come from a place of judgment that judgment is stemming from some fear that is deep within ourselves and we project it onto others. It’s true when you find yourself judging others you can be assured that you have a certain belief based on a fear about your own insecurities. It is true we tend to easily point out the faults in others that we posses’ ourselves. We hate those attributes of ourselves so of course we aren’t going to like it when we see it in others. The best thing you can do is acknowledge the thoughts but then quickly let them go. Don’t give any power to them. Just let them pass by. The same holds true for expectations. When we put too high of expectations on ourselves as well as others we are sure to be disappointed every time. So I encourage you to figure out what it is you are expecting and why it holds so much power over you?

One of the best ways I find to quickly get to a state of inner peace is by breathing and letting go. One of my favorite quotes is Let Go and Let God. Let go of the attachment, surrender to what is and you will reach a state of inner peace. Remembering that this takes practice and it doesn’t come easy so be gentle on yourself. Be Kind. When you can consistently come from a place of love and not fear and you will find that you will not only achieve inner peace you will be sending peace out into the world and creating it. That my friend is what you can call power.


julieJulie Lynn Rogers is a powerhouse metaphysician, spiritual empowerment coach, Psychic, Angel Card Reader, Reiki Advanced Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, and Realm Reader.  Julie’s mission is to serve God and all mankind by being strong and courageous in the face of adversity and by being passionate about ones beliefs.  Nurturing the playfulness of spirit and inspires others to see the beauty in all things and realize their true potential. Julie also specializes in coaching individuals to make empowered choices by helping them identify areas for positive change in their lives. The coaching process will help you move from a state of unfocused chaos to a place of inner peace and harmony. Whether you would like Private Coaching, Psychic Angel Card Readings, Divine Healing through Reiki or Shamanic therapies, teaming with Julie and your angels will be the most powerful step you can make toward a brighter and happier future.  Let Julie help show you the way. Make sure to check out her site: Pathways to Peace


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