Why Providing Value is Vaulable For You

Providing value is a huge topic with the top marketers. The days of throwing up an advertisement and telling everyone about your greatness are gone. No one is buying the flash without something to back it up and while some people may be sad about this, I am actually very happy about it.

Customers and clients are becoming more knowledgeable every day and are making each and every one of us offering a product or service work harder to get the almighty dollar. What this extra work requirement does is allows the excellent service providers to outshine the “just getting by guys” that are just out there to make a buck.

Are You Afraid You’ll Put Too Much Info Out There?

One of the common, although incorrect thoughts, information providers believe is that they can put too much information out into the market. They think if they put too much information out there for free that their clients will be satisfied and won’t buy their programs and products. It’s quite the opposite.

When people realize you know what you’re talking about they are much more likely to buy what you are offering. Don’t feel like you should hide what you know because your business is not going to grow that way.

If you’re a coach, offer free or low cost starter sessions to see if you are both the right fit for each other, if you’re a speaker take on some free gigs until you get your reputation built up, if you’re a new author then give away some free copies of your book. All of these things are providing massive value and are going to allow you to build your brand and grow your network, as well as influence.

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Using Prayer to Find Your Client

Guest Author: Ashley Taylor Yanello

prayerJust recently I attended an incredible workshop about manifesting + abundance led by the talented Maureen Muldoon at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago. It definitely provided me with a lot of new energy and deeper belief.

It was a very loving and open workshop where we all got to know each other, give hugs and compliments and envision our perfect day. The one exercise that Maureen had us do really stuck out to me in a pretty profound way!

I want to share this incredibly powerful exercise with all of you! She instructed us to write from our ideal client’s perspective in the form of a prayer. Seems so simple yet it was something so small like this that really left me astounded.

We spend time really thinking about who we want to serve, we create our niche, design our Client Avatar yet do we ever really drop down and put ourselves out of the equation? This exercise is different than any other ideal client/avatar/niche exercise I’ve ever done!

It was refreshing to really drop myself out and even drop my ideas of service and what I can do with my multitude of skills, wisdom and knowledge.

I encourage you to try this out!

Your Client’s Prayer

Take a deep breath and let go of everything in your mind chatter. Let go of yourself and your voice. I found it helpful to just really let my heart take over. What is it that your person, your future client is asking for? What are they praying for in their life? How could you be the answer to their calling, their prayer, their needs and wants?

Let it pour out on paper naturally. There is no wrong or right and you might even go back and make some edits.

Then when you have their prayer, find a friend or connection and have them read what you wrote to you. This is the profound moment! Letting yourself hear the prayer read back to you!

My client’s prayer went something like this,

“Divine, I am at a place in my life where I know something is missing. I’m living but I’m not fully living. I am ready for a transformation and for my life to take on meaning, true meaning. I am willing to shift, make the changes, take the action if you present the loving teacher. I want someone that is open, vulnerable and has been at this very same place of a meaningless, confused state. I have tried and seen a lot of failures. I am ready to see the light and be connected to you my Divine deeper and to fully live my purpose. I am ready to be guided through healing and spiritual guidance. I embrace change and am so ready to take the necessary action, whatever that might entail. I want a deeper spiritual practice, a true awakening if you will. I want my life to feel full!”


Ashley Taylor Yannello is a mentor, healer and guide that inspires human beings to discover their own sense of fulfillment and to shine their light! Using failures as fuel to transcend your past. Ashley is here to help lead others to their own fulfilled and meaningful life while deepening their own spiritual practice. Learn more about Ashley at www.ashleytayloryannello.com

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Processing Loss and Moving Forward

processingAs most of you know, I lost my mom May 2012. I can still remember where I was, what I was thinking, how I was feeling, who I was with and the people that were there for me through this difficult time. I’m one of those “strong people,” that can make it through just about anything, but this one, I just wasn’t sure about.

I wasn’t sure if I was hurting enough. Sure, we had been preparing for this day since I was 12 and mom was diagnosed, but I felt guilty because I wasn’t “hurting enough.” So, what’s the solution? Hurt more! Drag up anytime that you ever said anything mean to each other, the times she was in pain and you couldn’t do anything to help, the times you could have spent together, but didn’t. ANYTHING to make it hurt more to relieve the guilt.

As I started settling back into everyday routines, I realized I was hurting enough. There was no need to put myself through the misery of dredging up those bad things we had. It just hadn’t hit me yet. Sure, I had losses of grandparents, aunts, uncles and even cousins, but this was my mom and we were very close. It hurt so bad.

Now 2 1/2 years later I am finally getting to where I can process this loss and move forward. I read in the book Blown Away by Ann Leach, that just because we let things go, it doesn’t mean we are letting that person go. That helped me so much and I started feeling better immediately.

One of the things I had been holding onto were the hushed and solemn tones we talked about mom in. If I made a joke that involved her, like we had when she was alive, that nasty guilty would come up and I was immediately go into a depressed state. How dare you laugh when talking about mom? She’s dead! Stop it!

I decided that I would try something. I sat up with my always understanding hubby and we talked about mom. We talked about the good, the bad, the funny and the frustrating. ALL of those things were my mom and I was able to experience being with her again. It was like she was there to visit.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to go through, but it really feels good to remember ALL of mom and let go of things that simply did not need to be held onto. Maybe you’re dealing with something like this as well. It can take time to process, but don’t fight letting go of the negative emotions and pain. Those things don’t mean we loved them more because we are holding on to them for a certain amount of time. I deserve to be happy and fulfilled and so do you. 🙂

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