If The Team Isn’t Winning Then We Aren’t Winning

team holding up team signOne of the biggest things I’ve learned from being married and having a great teammate for this parenthood deal is that if the team isn’t winning then we aren’t winning. I remember being single and all I had to do is make sure that I had my stuff together. Well, when you are in a committed relationship, on a sports team or some other sort of team then you have to think of the team.

What if you scored the most points in the game but the other team collectively scored more points? Who won? Not your team! Since your team didn’t win then you didn’t win either even though you personally scored more points than anyone.

Whenever you commit to a friendship or deeper relationship or even a relationship with your clients or members of your network marketing or sales team then you have to remember that when the team isn’t winning then something has to be done. If someone is having challenges in one area and you are good in that area then it is time to go lend a hand if they are willing to accept help.

Team Win Example

For instance, my husband and I have specific tasks that we each tackle so that we don’t overlap each other and we get things done. Well, what happens if something comes up and one of us is not able to get those things done? Well, now that we have learned how to go for the team win, we go and pick up that slack and come alongside whoever is having the challenge. Whether it be washing the dishes, helping a child with teamwork etc. Yes, I know this sounds amazing that we can work together this way but even that too work! 😉

Some People Really Don’t Want Help

Have you ever had that friend or team member that always calls you with the same script? It seems like they are reading it off a note card and practicing for the big stage!! “I don’t have time to do this or that.” “If I was in your situation, I could do it.” and on and on. Well, there is a time that you just have to stop the abusive relationship. If they continue to call and ask for advice then despite how much you care, it is important that you LET IT GO. It is for their own good as well. You’ll stop the pay off they are getting from YOU buying their excuses and that will enable them to move on.

3 main points I want you to take away from this article are:

1: Look for those in your team that you have committed to that need help and come alongside them.

2: Not everyone really wants help – some of them LOVE their excuses and stories for why they are where they are.

3: There is a balance between everything and you may not always make the right decision but have the right attitude and you’ll make the best decision that you can when it comes to your team members. 🙂

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Do You Suffer From Fear of Success?

believe-play-hardI’m sure we all have some outside problem/challenge/force that we say is the reason we are not where we want to be in life but good news – you may just have the very common problem known as the fear of success! Would you believe I have struggled with this and STILL struggle with this??

What if I don’t like my new found life?

What if the simple joys that I enjoy now are taken away?

What if my friends don’t like the new me?

What if I “leave people behind”?

Maybe you don’t have these exact same questions in your mind but some of you do, I’m sure. The truth is that as humans even if we are miserable we often are afraid of change. We are afraid of change even when we know it would have to be better than what is happening at this very moment.

So What Then? What If I AM Afraid of Succeeding?

If you are afraid of succeeding the first step to getting over it is realizing that you are indeed afraid of being successful. Just remember that success can look different to different people.

One person’s goal may be to make $1,000 a month online and another’s goal may be to make $100,000 a month online. One person’s goal may be to have 3 kids and another person’s goal may be to have 3 dogs. lol You see? Not everyone’s goals are the same so don’t adopt someone else’s “success”.

Once you realize that you are afraid of success you need to start getting yourself used to the idea of being successful. Start asking yourself what if questions of the positive nature…

What if I do like my new found life?

What if I find even more simple joys?

What if my friends still love me and learn from me?

What if people come with me on this journey?

Our quality of life cannot be any better than the questions that we ask ourselves. Let’s start asking better questions so that we get better answers and then better results! The amazing peak performance expert Tony Robbins often talks about the questions that we are asking ourselves and how they relate to what results we have. We simply have to change our questions we are asking and raise our standards when we want to have a better life.

Trust me, if you are frustrated and don’t understand what in the world I just said, I didn’t understand it when I first heard it either. What I did do though was keep studying until I did understand.

Give yourself permission to be successful. Give yourself permission to play all out. The truth is that there is a beautiful design for your life and if you move forward one step at a time with faith and confidence then things are going to start coming together beautifully!

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Expect Good Stuff to Happen

good-stuffHave you ever had a time when you’ve been getting dealt so many one-two hits to the face that you stop expecting good things to happen? Before you get the chance to recover another blow to the head and then to the gut and before you know it you are on your back!! OUCH!

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Give me a break, will ya!???” Sheesh! One girl (or guy) can only take so much!! Don’t worry, you are not alone. EVERYONE deals with a good butt kicking every once in a while. Even if people are on a higher level where you see as an amazing accomplishment, they are dealing with their own demons. That’s why it is important that we are never envious because we don’t know the other side of the coin.

You Won’t Believe This!!!

Just as I was writing this post and working to encourage you guys to expect good stuff to happen I got a message from a dear friend about multiple awesome things! lol I’m like holy moly, I need to write more posts like this. lol The truth is that I should have already been expecting good things to happen because of writing this post and sharing it with others but I didn’t expect it to happen that quickly.

Life can take turns, twists and be crazy but that is the fun of it. Learn to ride the waves. If you don’t then they are just going to knock the crap out of you and who wants that?? lol

Make Serendipity the Norm!

I’m part of a networking group of lovely ladies and our chapter name is Serendipity. We should always be on the look out for serendipitous things to happen. Often we are skeptical when things come “too easy” but who is to say that things are supposed to be hard!?? Maybe we just expect them to be and that is why they are, do you think?

Anyway… you are awesome. Thank you for being a reader. Expect good things in your own life today and share this post with 5 friends that need to hear this. :0)

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