Do We See Less In Us Than Others Do?

There are many different problems that we face throughout our lives.  Sometimes we are too big for our britches and think we are something hot which can get us in trouble but many times we fail to see in ourselves what others see in us. Have you ever experienced this?

Maybe you have taken on a new project and someone has told you that they know you can do a good job but inside you are wondering what in the world they are talking about.  You are secretly thinking to yourself that someone else could do a better job than you. Why do we do this to ourselves?

The next time that we begin to think about ourselves in a less than positive light but someone else sees more in us, why don’t we borrow their belief and see the best in ourselves as well?

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How To Decide Whether Or Not To Do Something

Have you ever felt yourself being pulled in about a million directions? You may feel like you’re going insane and want to really pull your hair out. I understand the feeling, trust me. I’ve personally figured out a way to deal with it in my life. This may or may not work for you but I thought I would share.

How many of us get multiple invites for various events or jobs that would take up the same space? What about just being jam packed that day or week? ALL OF US! There is a simple way that I can decide whether or not I am going to do something. You can see if it helps you as well.

Let’s say that I get asked to go somewhere.

The moment I am asked I will examine the reason that I would say yes. If it is a disempowering feeling/reasn I say no and if it is an empowering feeling/reason I say yes.

For example: If a friend asks me to go somewhere and I want to go because I am excited, want to help or want to catch up with that person… it’s a GO! If I am thinking about saying yes because I feel like I owe it to them, that they would be mad if I didn’t etc then it is  NO. This keeps things much simpler. Make decisions FAST and stick to them. That’s what successful people do. *Thumbs up*

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