Releasing Things Beyond Our Control

Did you ever look around and notice how many different types of people that are in the world? Some people like to walk fast, some people like to talk slow.  Some people enjoy art and others think it looks like a mess. My point is that people are different and this is beyond our control.

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated by things that are beyond your control? I have to admit that I do. I’m getting better but there is still plenty of work to be done. Things like crazy drivers or slow drivers or people that are clueless can really put you on edge if you let it.

The best thing we can ever do for our mental and even our physical health is to release things beyond our control. People are beyond our control. We cannot control their actions but we can be a good example and we can love them. If we allow this to boil our blood it isn’t going to help anything and it is going to hurt us.

Breathe…. it is what it is. How we say that is also important. If we say it with our teeth gritted that’s not going to help anything. :-p

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We Never Arrive

I’m sure you’ve thought before in your life, just like I have, “if I just had” or “if I could just do” then I would be happy. You can fill in the blanks. Whether it be a wife, kids, dog, car, house or whatever, I know that we have all had thoughts that if we “just had” this or that then we were going to be able to increase our ability to be happy. While these things could cause a feeling of enjoyment if we are not happy people then we will find a way to be unhappy again.

The thing we should learn is that we never will arrive. If we are not constantly in pursuit or something then our lives can be somewhat meaningless. This is why it is important to always have a definite chief aim in life and to keep working towards it. These aims are not the same for all of us and when we try to push our aims on others it just makes us less desirable.

What we should know is that we never know it all, we never can do it all and we are never in the place to judge other people. We never know what they have gone through totally and we never know what they are going through now. While we cannot change how others are, we can change who we are. We can become actors instead of reactors. Be grounded from the inside vs being swayed about by everything outside of ourselves.

Making time to daily improve ourselves mentally and physically as well as in every other way is very important. If we do not continue improving we are going to begin to go backwards and see no light at the end of the tunnel we may shrink into. Never stop growing and never stop learning.

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Systems Keep It Simple and Save Time

Some time ago I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of one Lisa Hall who is the CEO and Founder of We sat down to talk and became instant friends. We both share a lot of the same passions and interests and one of those is systems. Lisa is an expert on systems and I was able to grab a little bit of her time to be able to ask her some questions and I believe the information will be valuable to our businesses.

Short Conversation With Lisa Hall of Tight Ship

How important do you believe organizing your business with system is?

I believe that organizing your business with efficient and time saving systems is the only way to grow your business. In fact, I believe in systems so much that I’ve built my entire business around helping others grow their businesses through systematization. I’ve watched and helped businesses double and triple in size due to putting clear, consistent systems in place. I would go as far as to say that without systems a business is not really a business. If you cannot walk away from your business for a few days and still have your business run without you then you really don’t have a business at all.


What is a favorite instance that systems helped your business be more effective?

I use many systems in my own business. I have systems built in place with my administrative assistant that allow us to communicate and allows her to work on tasks in my business without us having to talk on the phone several times a day. I have systems that let my weekly newsletter and videos go out without a hitch at the same time each week. But my favorite system is my lead management system that reminds me when it’s time to make contact with a lead again. I know this system has helped me get sales that might have slipped on by if I wasn’t on top of things. In fact, I’ve even had clients tell me that they purchased my service because of how reliable my follow-up phone calls were after our first conversation.


What are 3 top systems you recommend business owners to have?

You must have 1) A client relationship management system, 2) an efficient time management system, 3) A system for staying in front of your potential clients – this could be through a newsletter, video, blog or social media but you need to stay engaged with your leads and contacts.

What are you currently working on that you are excited about and want to share?

I am currently working on a book to help others put efficient systems and practices into their business. I am also putting together a 9 month group coaching program that will begin in March of this year. I hope to also make this available online to my community outside of Knoxville.

I also wanted to share this great video from Lisa! It’s short, sweet and helpful! Make sure to check out her website at

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