Just Put Your Head Down

put your head downWhenever I have looked back at the various successes I’ve had in life, I’ve noticed they all have had one thing in common. That thing was that I didn’t so much care about the results I was or was not getting at that point but I just put my head down and ran through it.

Whether it was my goal to be on a magazine cover (check) or national tv (check) I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I knew what I could do to get closer to that goal so I did it without questioning myself. That’s what we all have to do whenever we have a goal!

If we’re constantly 2nd guessing ourselves then the goal for one probably is not really our goal and we should ditch it and find out what we really want out of life. Whenever you have your goal set in front of you THEN you will be inspired to achieve it!

Simple Tips to Stay Inspired

  1. Write Down Your Goals
  2. Keep Your Goals In Front of You
  3. Stay In Action Mode

Having your goals written down raises your probability of achieving it goes up massively!

Having your goals in front of you keeps them in your mind and what you think about you bring about.

When you are acting you don’t have time to get distracted. Stay on task!

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People Are Time Thieves

thiefIf you know me then you know how much I love people and I love helping people. So how do you know when your time is being stolen and when it is being invested? I had to take a close look at this and was able to reach some of a conclusion or at least a rule to live by for the present. Here are a few pointers that may help define whether your time is being stolen or invested?

They Are Complaining VS Searching For a Solution

I have worked with “leaders” that have said… no negativity in my house! You don’t bring your problems around me or you’re getting deleted out of my phone!! That’s just simply childish and showing a sign of weakness. Sometimes people are genuinely looking for someone to show them the way and give them a hand up out of their situation. A true leader knows how to serve.

When it is a matter of time thievery is when people enjoy rehashing the past and talking about how everything and everyone in their life has done them wrong. No matter what you say you hear “yeah but” and then they are back to their rant. That’s when you bail!

They Refuse to Follow Instructions

Before I work with anyone I like to see if they can follow simple instructions. Most of the time they sadly cannot and they do not value your time. When you give someone an instruction and they only do PART of what you ask that means they don’t respect you or your time.

They Want to Argue About Petty Things

Have you ever heard the saying “splitting hairs”? People that love to split hairs – for instance… <— your punctuation was not right! The wall was actually maroon vs mauve, etc do this because they have nothing better to do.


We all would have much more time if we would simply VALUE our time and realize it is more limited than money. Every time people try to steal time from you it is when you should think of them as stealing money from you as well. Know you worth and invest time with people you care about and that care about you.

PS: Organizations and projects can be time thieves too. KNOW YOUR VALUE.

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Change Your Stinkin Thinkin

stinkyAren’t you glad that our thoughts don’t smell sometimes?? We beg God (or whoever you pray to) for help and when it comes the stinkin thinkin comes over us. “I’ve never been successful before.” “Could it really be true?” “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!” All of that is STINKIN THINKIN!!

When I am leading a group I’m always loving but I like to give reality checks. Most of the time people come around but if they’re stubborn and set in their ways I let them be. You can only help people to the degree that they will help themselves. Hard thing for a leader to understand initially but it keeps you sane!

The negative thoughts that have been passed down from generation to generation have been HORRIBLE. I used to think money was evil or that having it made you evil. Not so!

What are some stinkin thinkins that have been keeping you where you are? MOVE! God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of love and of a SOUND MIND!!

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