We Get What We Expect

Have you ever heard someone adamantly tell you “I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IT!!” when something had happened to them? Or someone saying “well I figured with the weather changing I was going to get a cold.” These people obviously expected what they got and got what they expected. I’m no saint either but for this once let’s look at some of the good things I expect and get. 😉

#1 – Readers to my blog… you’re here aren’t you?! That one was kind of a joke but I’m still getting what I expect. I wouldn’t have put the blog out there if I expected no one to read it and be impacted.

#2 – An amazing marriage and happy family. If something goes awry in our family I’m on top of it like… say what? Because I expect things to be good between us. My hubby and I are best friends and my 10, 5 and 1 year old love hugging mom and that isn’t going to change.

#3 – The recent development of my pregnancy could have triggered… let’s get out the fat pants baby! That is what happened with my first baby.  I really did eat for two… two adults! I didn’t know the baby only needs an extra 300 calories and that is near the end of the pregnancy. 😛 Oops!! Baby #2 I exercised all the way through and was on the beach in Mexico in a bikini 8 months after having the little guy.

Changing what expect in turn changes how we act which in turn changes what we get. Super fabulous!

Anyway… just wanted to share this with you. Make sure to check out my ebook and my OrGano Gold website to get some after Christmas gifts. ;0D

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Retraining Our Brains – Be an Action Person

Photo by Robobobobo

So many times we are reactionary creatures. We are pulled about by our phones, people and circumstances. We could be totally set in one direction and working on a project but before we know it we are off in another direction because someone said something that triggered us to change course.

What I have been working on is retraining my brain to focus on what needs to get done and doing it and THEN all of those other things will fall into place as needed. It is so important that we do this if we ever want to accomplish anything big.

Practice Exercise

My OrGano Gold coach Mr Tyron McDaniel recommended a great book that I just finished reading and studying for the first time. The book is Psycho-Cybernetics and it talks about how we are so conditioned to jump and run whenever the phone rings. The phone doesn’t even have to ring these days. It can ding or sing a song and we’re up and running. We’ve already deserted our path and are off on someone else’s mission for the day!

In the book it speaks about practicing letting your phone ring. This can be literally and figuratively. What happens in your life that is a trigger that gets you off and running down a path that is a “bunny trail”? Figure that out and work out “letting the phone ring”. Even if you have to just delay it for a little bit. Instead of being a slave to that trigger.

This is something very simple but greatly helpful! Give it a try and leave your comments about how it worked out for you.

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Get Stuck in the Right Rut

The reality we all must come to is that we are creatures of habit. As spontaneous as we want to think we are there is still some pattern going on. This is why we have to make sure that we get stuck in the right rut.

We can think of may different areas of our life that we can get into a good or bad habit. Let’s say in our relationships. We can either form good habits of staying in touch, being there for friends and family etc or we can be careless and talk to people whenever it is convenient for us. Whenever we feel like it.

Besides for relationship we can also think about our health. We have to look at how we eat, what amount of exercise we put into our day and things like this. It is not uncommon to come up with reasons and excuses of why we do the bad habits instead of the good ones.  “I deserve what I want. I’ve worked hard.” “It’s just a little bit.” It’s not a big deal.” Little things are what can cause big changes. One simple change in our lives towards health could mean the difference of whether we go in the hospital or not.

It is important that we look at our lives and really see what ruts we have gotten into. Are they the right rut or the wrong rut?

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