It Is the Season to Be Thankful

These days are a great time to remind us to be thankful. Let’s not just be thankful on these few days that are to follow. Developing a habit of thankfulness will increase our quality of life and the quality of life of those around us.

Having a journal that we write down things which are thankful for will enable us to go through life with a much better perspective. So many times we do not allow ourselves to be thankful because we also feel guilty because we do believe we have it good. Other times we do not want to be thankful because we do not feel that life has been fair to us.  Being less than thankful is not going to get back at life but will only make us better.

I’m greatly thankful for each and every one of you that invest time in yourselves to read over a little positive information which I have learned and pass on to you. Go out and be a ray of sunshine to someone else today. Have a very safe Thanksgiving!

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Did We Miss Our Appointment?

It is about that time again. Time to get all crazy over the holidays and start running around like we’ve only got a minute to get everything done. The holiday season can be one of the most fun times of the year but it is also a time that we miss out on so much.

Whenever we are in our day to day routine it is easy to get into a rut and not notice what is going on around us but in the holiday season we seem to be even more oblivious. We are not sure what is happening or how we are going to be able to fit everything on our plate. This not only creates a great deal of stress but we oftentimes overlook beautiful moments to interact with people.

We never know how much one word could impact another’s life. Why not share a word of encouragement or a story with someone regarding a topic in which they have interest? This will help them but it will also help you because as humans we have a desire to be connected. No matter how far we feel as if we want to be away from people in those times when people upset us we still have the desire deep down inside us.

When was the last time someone reached out to you and you were greatly appreciative?

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Are You Pregnant?

Just the other day I was talking to a friend of mine who is starting his business.  He’s so excited about what is happening and what is taking shape that he is actually glowing. I told him it was just like being pregnant. You have to wait until the baby is ready before it is supposed to come out. Rushing it or willing it isn’t going to do any good.

Carry Your Vision With Care

When you are “pregnant” with a vision it is important that you carry it with care. When you’re pregnant with a precious baby you are planning for that child and getting ready. You are thinking about all of the fun times you are going to have and how you are going to cuddle with that dear baby throughout the day and night.

Whenever you have a vision that you really care about you should be doing the same thing with that vision. If we are careless with our vision it won’t even have the opportunity to come to fruition. Take some time to write down what you expect when your vision comes to be reality and it will help you stay motivated those days that you don’t feel so great or are starting to lose sight of the prize.

Get the Right Fuel

Whenever you are pregnant your doctor is going to give you a list of foods that will be helpful to you as you are carrying your  little bundle of joy. When you get the right fuel you are going to be able to have  more energy and a healthier pregnancy. Some of the things that will be on that list are fruits and vegetables and water which give you plenty of energy and ability to cleanse your body.

What is the right fuel whenever you are pregnant with a vision? Things that build you up and allow you to move in the right direction. Whether that be the Bible, a self-help book or a good session with your coach or mentor. We have to keep these good things going in so we can have good that is going out.

Are we caring for our vision? Are we fueling ourselves properly?

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