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Hi! Great to meet You! I’m Jessica Lauren Vine – Internet Network Marketing Coach

smilingpicHave you wondered if you are a little crazy be thinking you can get “more” out of life? That you can live the life that you dream of? Vacations on demand? Unlimited time with your family? The ability to impact thousands of lives? You aren’t crazy! And if you are, it’s in a good way!

I’ve always been the girl that goes against the grain. I started my first online company when I was 12 years old. It was one of those paid to read emails companies. I had been clicking on links in those paid to read emails and was so bored with it so I decided I would make my own company and let someone else get paid to be bored clicking links. lol The name of that company was JeSsIcAlAuReN-Emails (I told you – I was 12!!!) . After that I got bored and sold it for a couple of hundred dollars, which is pretty good at that age. 😉

I had a few other businesses online and offline and knew I never wanted to punch a time clock. After having my first son at 17 and going through a divorce at 18, I decided I had to get some steady money so I went from food service, manufacturing and lastly found myself working at a bar where I met my amazing hubby Joe that I have been married to since March 2007.

After surviving a year of him being deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom and taking care of 2 young kids we knew we had to do everything possible to stay together.

The end of 2011 was when I retired my hubby. He was 24 and I was 25. We did this through internet marketing and I think the coolest thing ever was getting email notifications that I was making sales when I was in labor with our 3rd baby, Christian, who turned out to be a whopping 11 lbs 3 oz!

We now own a traditional business called Shiny Bottoms which is a boat detailing business in the Knoxville, TN area as well as our virtual businesses.

There are multiple ways to bring cash in from internet marketing. Being an internet network marketing coach made sense for me as the self proclaimed Queen of Connections. (lol) I love connecting with people and connecting people with people so as one of my income streams I work with a network marketing company. Being an internet network marketing coach allows me to help people across all companies and create another income stream. I am a walking and breathing example that you can create your life and do what you want to do.

Want to work with me in one way or another? Check out the options here: Work With Jessica Lauren Vine

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